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Let’s start!

Inviato il 10 June 2010 in News

Hello and thanks for visiting our site. Today is a special day . It is the first  post of Cakedeco.ch! , so we will begin to tell  you how this marvellous idea was born.

 My name is Claudia. I am 34 years old and from Perú (Lima). I live in Switzerland ( Zurich) since 2007 with my lovely husband and my two wonderful children.

 I always liked everything related to sweets  and Cake Decoration, but because of work and time  I could never dedicate myself to this passion.

Having  moved to Switzerland, and dedicating  myself  to the care of my family, I have  spend  time surfing  the internet  and many great different blogs and  videos on “cake decorating” captivated me, grasping  all my attention; without  realising I was continuously  looking , admiring, learning and above all knowing lovely people.

Two years ago I made  my first decorated cake and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to dedicate more time to this, and  to acquire tools, books, etc.  My  interest for Cake Decoration was growing fast, together  with  my desires of learning; sadly, not everything  was in my reach, not only for the poor  offer of products  but  also for the absence  of trainig courses or workshops on this subject  in Zurich.

 Then  the idea to do something about it came to my mind.  Something to help me and all those people who share my passion for  cake decorating and who live in Switzerland. Offering them the opportunity  to buy  products as well as to learn and to perfection  the techniques of this marvellous art.

 And  It is my pleasure to announce to you that already we are in preparation and we are organizing the first CAKE DECORATION course!!  . I cannot give  away  more info  at  the moment, but please come back to our blog or subscribe to receive news, we will post  more details during the week.

Sweet Regards : )


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