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The concept on cake decoration has evolved a lot in recent years, every day more daring and intricate forms can be created and the fact is that the only limit is your own imagination.

Nowadays many techniques exist to decorate a cake, but this time i would like to comment about the modelling. In my long hours of inspirational 🙂 search on the internet, books and magazines, I believe that it is enough to do a simple but beautiful modelling piece and so for be the center of attraction of any celebration.

The modelling is an art, that seems difficult but can turn out to be simple if we do it with patience, continuing step by step, using the adequate techniques and above all enjoying the moment.

The variety of materials for the modelling development is wide, all of them allow us to create any type of design, all depend on the task one would like to achieve. Among the well-known materials are the gum paste, pastillaje, porcelain and artista soft, the last one perhaps less well-known but applicable to modelling for cake decorating, contains basically rice and potato flour. Important: Porcelain and Artista soft are not edible.

Gumpaste is a edible material ( the modelling piece can go directly onto the cake), but is very sensible to humidity and direct sunlight. Personally I prefer the Gumpaste modelling, but I apply the techniques of the cold porcelain since I have magazines of cold porcelain for cake decoration. Nevertheless I think it is important to get experience with different materials and to be able to give to our designs versatility. The artista soft and the porcelain have the advantage that they are a lot more malleable to work and above all you can keep the piece without fear to damaged it. The piece worked in porcelain cannot be placed directly on the cake, this should go on an acrylic plate.

If you have curiosity to work with some of these material, click here and you will find some recipes, if you are looking for another especially, do not hesitate to write me .

Here I leave you some lovely pictures of modeling in porcelain and gumpaste. The pictures that you will see are not my creations… I am also in process of learning :).

Sweet regards.


Marita, thank you very much for let me use your pictures on this post. If you want to see more of her wonderful design in porcelain

Nivia,thank you very much for let me use your pictures on this post. If you want to see more of her wonderful design in gumpaste

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