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With this paste you will be able to model figurines and flowers. You will need …

250g powdered sugar + 50 g to knead.
1 tsp gum tragacanth or CMC
1 tablespoon glucose
2 tablespoon warm water.

1.- Sift 250g sugar with cmc or gum tragacanth in a bowl .
2.- In a container dilute the warm water with glucose, bring to the fire but don’t let boil. Add diluted glucose mixture to sugar sifted with cmc or gum tragacanth until well mixed;use a plastic spoon ( for don’t touch the warm paste) place the remaining sugar on the table and knead until it forms a dough no longer sticky to handle. This step can take a little bit longer untill the ingredients are very well mix.
4.-Keep in plastic wrap, without air. Store for an hour. Knead again and store in plastic wrap and store in an airtight container.

Another way to get your modelling paste is mixing rolled fondant with cmc or gum tragacanth in the follow amounts…

2 tsp gum tragacanth or cmc
500 g rolled fondant.

1.- Put the cmc or gum tragacanth on a work surface and knead it into the rolled fondant untill is very well mix.
2.- Wrap teh paste in plastic film and store in an airtight container. If you use gum tragacanth store for at least an hour before use it. If you use cmc you can use immediatly.

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