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Cakedeco.ch[lang_es]Lo hicimos! Workshop 25-09-10[/lang_es] [lang_en]We did it! Workshop 25-09-10[/lang_en] [lang_de]Wir haben es geschafft! Workshop 25-09-10[/lang_de] - Cakedeco.ch

We did it! Workshop 25-09-10

Inviato il 12 November 2010 in News

Hi everyone!

It has been very so long since I wrote my last post. The simple reason: a lot new things happening, a lot to organize and to do.  But finally I found the time to write to all of you J

I would like to start to thank to the wonderful ladies who participated in our modeling course, to Pita from Dulce Decoración, a great teacher. It was a wonderful, very productive and funny time.

Personally I have learned a lot. I was happy with my final product, but there is still something missing for the perfect doll J. Pita would say: you can only get perfection with the training.

Here I share with you some pictures of the course and of my final products. I hope you like it (soon  I will  put my little baby topper on a cake to celebrate something very special with my family….. surprise!!)

Sweet Regards.


4 Comments to “We did it! Workshop 25-09-10”

  1. muchas gracias por tus palabras claudita, sabes de sobra que ya te tengo bien calada en mi corazon, los días contigo fueron maravillosos y el curso ni que decir!!!! entre tanto hablar se nos paso rapido el tiempo!!!!… ojala pronto podamos volver a juntarnos que te echo mucho de menos!!!

    un beso muy muy grande!

    12 November 2010 8:38 PM

  2. Que lindo amiga! Precioso todo. Parece que habeis disfrutado bastante. La munequita esta preciosa y perfecta! Espero receber mas noticias tuyas. Besitos!

    13 November 2010 10:18 AM

  3. Gracias Marita por tu lindo comentario. Estoy segura que pronto nos reuniremos nuevamanente. Muchos cariños para ti y tu esposo.

    13 November 2010 7:47 PM

  4. Gracias amiga por tu comentario. Tuvimos un día maravilloso y muy productivo. Me alegra mucho que te haya gustado. Pronto estaremos en contacto :D.

    14 November 2010 12:00 AM

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