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Something for share

Posted on 24 February 2011

This post is for share with you one of my hobbies, something that always I liked to do but for reason of time I never trained.
Time ago when I was in the internet I found a course online of modeling in porcelain ( I think it is a wonderful choice for a hobby) so I decided to start the course and here are my first pieces. It is the first time that I do this kind of project and still I need training for get perfect. I hope you like it!
p.s I can imagine them like a nice cake toppers 馃槈
Sweet Regards.

Don鈥檛 forget !

Posted on 22 February 2011

If you would like to start in the wonderful world of the cake decorating as a hobby or as business don鈥檛 let this great opportunity pass. Join us in our workshop for two days with the great sugar artist Claudia Behrens from Germany. You will be elaborating two beautiful designs and getting 鈥渉ands on鈥 experience.
Don’t forget that you can get a 10% discount for our Cake decorating Workshop only untill the 1st of March!!

For more info visit our course section.

Sweet Regards.

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