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Inviato il 13 July 2012 in News

We were waiting long but it was worth the while :). We are delighted to introduce the instructor Michelle Rea owner of Inspired by Michelle Cake Designs based in Sydney Australia.

Her wonderful work is made in chocolate (ganache and chocolate cake) all her designs are clean and neat finish. Also she has a great technic to sculpt and carve cakes.
Therefor we bring the talented Michelle to Zurich to share with all of us her technics and be able to do beautiful cakes as only she knows to do.
Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn new technics. is always looking for the best professional for you.
We have prepared three amazing projects:

Wired flowers class : for more information click here.
Chocolate owl cake: for more information click here
Doublé barrel cake with wired peony flower class: for more information click here.

I hope you enjoy these wonderful courses.

Sweet Regards.


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