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Thanks Michelle!

Inviato il 18 November 2012 in News

Hi everyone,
Finally here to share with you our fantastic experience with Michelle Rea and the three amazing courses that we had with her in September and October.
I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to get dates with Michelle she become very popular and her calendar is almost full… hopefully we can share the next year again with her in May. Michelle is a wonderful teacher and you will able to see it in the pictures.
Also I would like to say thank you to the wonderful ladies that I met at the courses, lovely people and great cake decorators.

3D Owl cake class:
Our first class with Michelle and first international class for her, unforgettable for both of us : ) incredible experience and we learn so much.. in the beginning we were thinking that never we will get a owl of our cakes but big surprise when little by a little and following the patience and all her great experienced teaching Michelle we were able to all form our lovely little owls.

Sugar flower class:
I was looking forward so much for this class, we were a small group and I think was incredible our final products. All students got gorgeous flowers. I’m very sorry for some girls that wanted to come but was not possible for them. But maybe we have nice news and we reschedule new class flower in May! So keep checking our news.

Double barrel cake:
WOW!! Amazing class we were 9 lucky girls that we had the opportunity to learn this wonderful technic from Michelle. Also we learn to do a big and stunning peony flower. I think as soon as you see our results and pictures you know what I mean as this was such a lovely experience.

I hope you enjoy watching them it as much as we enjoyed doing them!
Sweet Regards.

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