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Flash!!New Courses in September

Inviato il 13 August 2013 in News

Hello everyone!
Hope you’re having a nice holiday. How hot right?!!
My family and I took a few days off from Switzerland and had a blast. An inspiring time for me, full of color and shapes, many ideas and projects in mind that gradually try to achieve.

What’s New! The show room almost ready 🙂 … it took little big work often, but we’ve made great progress. I hope you like and find it interesting, as we have been visited by some customers who come to pick up their orders and the feedback has been positive 🙂 .
As many of you know not all our products are in the online store, but as soon as we finish organizing and updating our products in the showroom we’ll do the corresponding update to the page.

Another new, which is already very close to notice is that we have organized a super cute courses designed especially to give a solid foundation and the confidence to get you started in cake decorating either as a hobby or business …. when? Well, nothing is missing! Now September is your chance.
We started with two courses for beginners:

Beginners I: Baking & Fillings:
Saturday 21st September 2013

The perfect course you were expecting! If you want to get started in the world of cake decorating. And for those who have mastered this wonderful art and want to learn new techniques with new and delicious baking recipes.

Starting from the premise that everything cute and perfectly decorated cake should be as delicious as it looks, what better way to start your teaching basic knowledge of how to bake tasteful and flavoursome cakes.

These courses are 100% practical! Each student will prepare their own cake mix, learning how to prepare flawlessly the perfect cake batter. Also perform various fillings, perfect complements to each cake.

Our teacher is coming all the way from England: Nivia Akily young talent and owner of Cake Land by Nivia.
To view the detailed information of everything you will learn click here.
Places are limited so book your place now!

Beginners II: Covering Cakes – Back to basics
Sunday 22nd September 2013

This second course is the perfect complement Initiation Course I: Baking and fillings.
This class is all about working two techniques to cover cakes, is a 100% practical course.

Each student will cut and fill them cake. Nivia will teach us how to apply the buttercream right way to get a perfect base before covering with fondant.

Each participant will cover two round cakes, but in each be applied a different covering technique. One of those that you will learn will be the famous Sharp Edges – those perfect defined borders that give an elegant touch to the cakes.
For detailed information of these course click here.


Modeling Courses. Also we have organized for you a wonderful modelling courses. Our instructor comes directly from Spain Marita Mauricio (Pita) owner of Dulce Decoración..

She have prepared for you three beautiful projects that you cannot miss. Advanced and beginners can participate in these courses.

The skater: 27th September 2013
One day course. We will elaborate the sweet little girl sitting on the cup which will be prepared in RKT! That we will prepare in class : )
Many techniques to learn!

Baby on the beach: 28th September 2013
Tender and versatile design, suitable for any kind of celebration. Marita will teach with her techniques how easy it can be to create beautiful figures.

The priority of the course is modeling the baby, but if time allows us we will also cover and decorate a round dummy for the final presentation of our project.

Cube with Baby Animals: 29th September 2013.
In this course you will learn to model from basic shapes, beautiful and tender animals. This workshop you shouldn’t miss because you can add to your portfolio figurines ever present s in children’s cakes.
The priority of the course is modeling the animal, but if time allows we will cover and decorate a dummy (cube) for the final presentation of our project.

For detailed information of what you will learn in each course click here.
All courses have limited places. Choose your favorite course or courses and secure your place by clicking here.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, please.
Sweet Regards
PS: I forgot to remind you that Kelvin Chua visit us in November and we still have some places available … do not stay without know this wonderful artist and learn from his superb technique!

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