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Fondant and modelling paste

Deco-Roma Felchlin white sugarpaste

White sugar paste. Bucket of 6.5 kg. Swiss product. Great quality.

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Massa Ticino Tropic

Massa Ticino Tropic : bucket of 7 kilograms. White fondant. Special price!
Great quality. You can use it for covering and some decoration of your cake

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Regalice: Poppy red 250 g

Ready to roll professional regalice sugarpaste icing by Renshaw. Great for covering cakes and for making basic models and decorations. Bring up to room temperature and knead well before use to stop it cracking when rolling out.

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Renshaw Professional - Chocolate Flavour - 250g

Renshaw Professional is a very well known and well respected brand of sugar paste. It has a light vanilla flavour and is ideal for cake covering and sugarcrafting as it will not crack or craze in simple or challenging shapes and designs. It has been designed to provide all the qualities an experienced sugarcrafter expects from a high performance sugar paste.
Suitable for vegetarians

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Squires Sugar Florist Paste (SFP) - White - 200g

The best selling ready-made sugar flower paste. Ready for immediate use and packed in a re-sealable foil bag.
Can be rolled extremely fine for intricate flower work. Pliable and quick-drying to guarantee excellent results.
Always use opened packets within one month. Keep well sealed and wrapped with cling film to ensure the paste remains at its best. The paste can be frozen if required – simply cut into small pieces, wrap well and put back in the foil bag, then place in the freezer.

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