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Edible supplies

Confectioners' Glaze 20ml

This light, edible varnish is designed for use wherever a high gloss is required or as a protective coating for sugar, chocolate or marzipan pieces for exhibition work. Add a little SK Dust Food Colour to make a coloured glaze.
Please note:

  • Confectioners’ Glaze contains natural ingredients so colour may vary between batches.
  • This product sometimes contains a small amount of sediment caused by shellac which has not fully dissolved. This will not affect the performance of the glaze.
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    Confectioners' Glaze Cleaner (IPA) 20ml

    Glaze cleaner is used to clean paint brushes after they have been used with confectioners glaze.

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    Edible Glue SK

    Edible Glue 18 ml.
    Suitable for all sugarcraft purposes, this easy-to-use glue is particularly useful in sugar flower making and also works well with pastry pieces.

    It is strong enough to hold heavier items in place – simply support with crumpled kitchen paper or sponge pieces until the glue is dry.

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    A clear, colourless liquid with a sweet taste and is used to soften homemade royal icing.
    Can also be added to cakes to give a perceived freshness. Add 1 teaspoon of glycerine per 100g flour.

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    Sugarflair Rejuvenator Fluid - 14ml

    Rejuvenator Fluid is used to thin down the Edible Liquid colours and also to clean the brush. It can also be used to mix with dusting colours to make a liquid colour for painting. 14ml

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    Tylo Powder - CMC

    Pot of 60 grams. For making flower paste or modelling paste, and for edible glue.

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    Wilton Meringue Powder

    Perfect for icing and baking with meringue recipes. Can be used as an egg white substitute in baking. Presentation 113gms

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