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A guide to Sugarcraft Modelling

In this great double 2xDVD set, Elaine will take you through basic modelling materials, tools and techniques that beginners will find invaluable. Elaine guides you on how a teddy bear and a cuddly rabbit are being made, then gives you classic cake design ideas, to include the cute toppers.
Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in sugarcraft you will want and need to know, just how to model these cute ways.
only in English

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Ragdolls DVD

This is the second great DVD from Elaine Thomas. Two DVD’s guiding you step by step, whilst building a girl and boy ragdoll.
Also included, bonus footage: ‘Lettered Baby Blocks’, ‘Baby Bottle’ ‘Uniformly Sized Balls’, and ‘Mixing Colours Exactly’.

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